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Sightseeing Places

The Major attraction points near Kotdwara are greatly respected Sidhbali Hanuman Sidhpeeth place of religion, Durgadevi Temple,Kanvashram(birth place of Raja Bharat in which name our country was named), Lansdowne(famous Hill station), Jim Corbett jungle safari to go after or make observations of animals and St. Joseph’s Cathedral Church.


Kotdwara the biggest business center and the only railway terminus of the district, enroute the all items for the necessities of the hill region of the district. Kotdwara is situated at the bank of river “Khoh” and is 650 meters from sea level. The nearest airport is Jollygrant, near to dehradun approx. 106 km.

Luxurious Rooms

Hotel Grand Kailash has 11 Premium Luxury Room with a part of getting near to. 250sqft. Rooms have a great view of greatly respected Sidhbali Temple place of religion and nearby market. Hotel Grand Kailash provides a luxurious and memorable accommodation for the travelers.